This research line is devoted to the study of Graphene and alternative 2D materials, together with their applications in high-frequency circuits and devices. Our previous work focused on Silicon transistors, with particular attention to the small signal and noise properties in the RF and microwaves range.

We have developed an in-house Monte Carlo simulator that provides the properties of graphene and other 2D materials, including not only quantities directly related to electronic transport, e.g. average drift velocity, distribution function, average carrier energies, number of

scattering events or momentum, velocity and energy relaxation times, but also fluctuation-related quantities like diffusion coefficients or noise temperature at ultrahigh frequencies (up to the THz range).

Moreover, we study the ultrafast relaxation processes in photoexcited graphene, with particular attention to the interplay between carrier-carrier interactions, electron-phonon interactions, out-of-equilibrium phonon distributions and interband processes.

The study of FET devices by means of a Monte Carlo simulator is also another subject in this research line, with focus on the static characteristics and also on the dynamic and noise processes relevant at very high frequencies, from the GHz to the THz domains.