The laboratory of RF devices is dedicated to the characterization of semiconductor materials and sub-micrometer devices up to microwave frequencies. Our tools allow to perform several kind of on-wafer measurements from DC and pulsed characterization, to RF and electronic noise (up to 43.5 GHz).

Cascade M150 probe station

The M150 is an easy ise manual probe platform for wafers and substrates up to 150 mm. Pre-configured application-focused probing solutions to achieve accurate measurement results, with maximum confidence. 

Tektronix RSA5126A

Real Time Spectrum Analyzer - (1Hz to 26.5GHz), The RSA5126A mid-range spectrum analyzer combines the best-in-class RF performance with up to 165 MHz bandwidth and 4th Generation DPX® Technology. This provides the measurement confidence and functionality you demand for everyday tasks and gives you the dynamic range you expect for challenging spectrum analysis measurements.

VNA Agilent N5244A PNA-X

The PNA-X network analyzer series provides the widest range of measurement applications for amplifiers, converters, antennas, or mixers with a single connection. You can choose from four frequency models to meet your specific device test needs: 13.5, 26.5, 43.5, and 50 GHz. The PNA-X provides unrivaled configurability with a built-in second source, combiner, and internal signal-routing switches.

Keithley 4200-SCS

The 4200-SCS is a modular, fully integrated parameter analyzer that performs electrical characterization of materials, semiconductor devices and processes. From basic I-V and C-V measurement sweeps to advanced ultra-fast pulsed I-V, waveform capture, and transient I-V measurements, the 4200-SCS provides the researcher or engineer with critical parameters needed for design, development or production.

Rohde & Schwarz RTO1044

- Digital Oscilloscope.
- Frequency range: up to 4GHz.
- 4 Channels (BNC).
- Real Time sampling: 20GSa/s.
- Input Impedance: 50Ohms (DC), 1Mohm (DC and AC).

Rohde & Schwarz SMA100A

- Signal generator.
- Frequency range: 9kHz - 3GHz.
- 1 RF output port (N).
- 1 LF generator, up to 10Mhz (BNC).
- AM, FM, oM, and pulse modulations.

Keithley 2614B

- High Power SMU.
- 2 Channels.
- Maximum DS power: 30W/channel.
- Max/min current: 1.5A (DC), 10A (pulse) / 100fA.
- Max/min voltage: 200V / 100nV.

LakeShore CRX-VF cryogenic probe station

Cryogenic probe station (10-500 K) with magnetic field (0-2.5T). 6 micro-manipulated probe arms: 4 for DC, 2 RF GSG up to 67 GHz. Fiber optic probe. Quasi-kelvin measurements. Hall measrument package including software and instrumentation.


9 kHz - 70 GHz (V - 1.85 mm) -90 dBm